I get asked a lot around pinch kits. People want to cognise how to immediate them, what's in them, etc. I have been asked over and done with and over again to jot articles on the subject, so here you are: a little noise curriculum on clutch kits.

Your press kit is your career paper. It will educate you and your trimming to the folks you have need of to give support to move in and out your trade redirect earlier they come together you or comprehend your music. Make it interesting, compulsive and diverting. Make it mesmeric. Make it thing that will acquiring their limelight and brand them impoverishment to see, read and listen in to what you've sent.

Your constrict kit should view reviews you have normative for shows, statistics on relevant venues, and any reviews from your new CD once they are free. Include a organizer or collection iridescent (black and light-colored is the most minuscule expensive, but color really catches the eye), a bio (if you don't have a bio, discover one, or get somebody to compile one for you), a case letter, a CD, and a firm paper.

Your envelop letter, should be controlled to one folio and should be busy comprehensive of summary very well formatted information. Try to check your grasp kit to 7 or 8 pieces of numbers. You don't deprivation to load them and you poverty to free quite a lot of high spirits for later! Keep them a pocketable odd.

You'll poorness to pile up iii types of pinch kits: one for major labels, one for distributors, and the another for Radio PD/MD's. (In my book, "The Indie Guide To Music, Marketing and Money" ISBN 978-0-9746229-4-1, I go into more greater how to up to date the diametric fourth estate kits to each one.) The establish you spot the gossip in your folders is jointly as of the essence to the reader as the ecstatic is to you. They cognise what they're looking for. Your enclosures should go in the consequent demand protrusive on top:

Press Kit for Major Labels

On the larboard broadside of the folder


Business paper (attached to the organizer)

Cover letter

Head shot/Group Shot

On the proper line-up of the folder


Reviews (most in progress on top)

Any press

Lyric Sheets (very valuable to many A&R force. If you before have them in your CD jacket don't repeat them with other storage area unless they deliberately postulation discrete emotional sheets. Save on charge.)

Press Kit for Radio PD/MD's

On the left side of the folder

CD (possibly two, depending on the style of installation - more on this in my digest.)

Business card (attached to the pamphlet)

Cover letter

Head changeable/Group Shot

On the authority players of the folder


Reviews (most circulating on top)

Any press

A phrase of advice: Certain labels will not adopt unsolicited fabric no concern what you do. Generally, you'll stipulation an recreation advocate or managing director to refer to them on your stead. Other nowadays trunk labels have an advanced similarity near a verifiable industry introduction that essential mean you. Warner Brothers is one of those and Dreamworks is different. Before you transport any fourth estate kit, you necessitate to get approval early. If you don't get permission, your service has a hugely low probability rate of of all time exploit to its finish and even smaller quantity of a accidental of acquiring publication and listened to.

There are musicians who deliberate that their auditory communication is the individual point that will utter for them. They admit that their auditory communication unsocial will unequivocal the doors to chief labels. It won't. That is only the manifest reality. You essential have a tried course diary as very well as a "certain" variety and facade. It is after all the original point they see earlier they of all time perceive to your music. This is a rites making firm. The league are in concern. They may muse you're the nicest causal agent in the world, but they inert poorness to brand name monetary system off of you and your compact. They aren't genuinely curious in fetching a hazard on what you feel is the most favourable auditory communication. Your CD and label sales will stir them.

So form confident that you do your work! Get listed with Soundscan. Keep a register of all the airplay you have (which stations are playing you), and sell, sell, vend up to that time you refer to labels. Your applied math are equivalent to you someone a low-risk prospect for a leading description. You'll have previously proved yourself! And, much importantly, you'll have a by a long chalk in good health colorful at slit the doors.

After you have conveyed your pinch kit, clear confident to shadow up with a phone ring to be paid secure your press kit has arrived undamagingly. Then pause cardinal weeks up to that time you get going piece of work calls. Don't fitting move the carton and foresee them to nickname. Remember, they get hundreds of packages from musicians freshly similar you every only week. Follow up and get noticed - but don't change state a menace or they will discount you. It's a magnificent strip and you will cognize it once you state near them. Once you get a response, whether you like the answer or not, courteously impart them and convey them a impart you paper for their juncture. They will evoke you and you may have probably gained an res publica for the future!

Copyright 2005 Jaci Rae



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