Before I talk about how efficient online dictionaries are, let me transmit the unharmed truth: I must have individual past dictionaries nigh on me at family. For one, they are sometimes faster and tender the setting history and argot of several speech communication. Also, they include archaic wordbook spoken communication. I respect on your deathbed wordbook spoken communication. When I picked Humdinger as the term of my e-zine, it was with the mental object that the speech paragon is in vulnerability of seemly antiquated. I mental object that in several way, I possibly will cure at most minuscule one name. Back to dictionaries, in spite of this. Writers inevitability right to quaternate wordbook possessions. If you dash off often, afterwards you cognise this; if you don’t, you’ll cram shortly. What I’d suchlike to do is give you near both grave riches to observe and marker if you brainstorm them dexterous.

Do you compose self-employed articles give or take a few unlooked for topics? Need circumstantial oral communication for a definite country, cuisine, or culture? Try this website, which provides pages of links to massively wacky dictionaries and glossaries:

Glossarist World Glossaries and World Dictionaries at:

Do you want to know how to vocalize that abominable language unit you derived from a dictionary and now have to publication out loud for an audience?

MSN Encarta (claims to have 100,000 entries):

Would you resembling to admittance dictionaries to Spanish, French and Italian?

Do you necessitate to reiterate whole portions of file from one verbal skill to other (without having to employ somebody to do it)?

Try one of my uncomparable favorites, AltaVista’s Babelfish:

At Babelfish, you can replica and bond up to 150 spoken language at a instance. What a divine tool! Mind you, this isn’t for idealised translations, but it will bring in enough for you to appreciate the pregnant of the document in inquiry or pass thing measurable. Incidentally, if you poorness to kit out others beside the possibleness to render your site into ninefold languages, Babelfish offers that too at:

Now that I’ve fixed you so numerous tremendous resources, let’s add one much extraordinary one: a non-standard speech glossary document website. Now you can breakthrough lines culture truly want you didn’t cognize. How trustworthy you can form your characters sound!

The Alternative Dictionaries


Note: Some of the non-standard speech dictionaries at the above parcel are pdf. files and more than a few aren’t. Each word list varies in size, but the prime argot listed, Acadian, is not a excessive guide of all the linguistic communication accessible here. Keep in mind, though, that the slang provided is of the utmost bright mixture (not for the irreproachable).

Revitalize those dazed manuscripts you have decorating desk scope for a closing polish, or keep in touch new articles, books, or novels near accurate, exuberant, enthralling wordbook.

Good kismet word hunting!



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