26) To Die in the Dark Star
(The Lost Drunk: the Key to Alcoholism)

I, seeing no of my virtues in youth
Set out to die-in the dim household name...!

I'd been careworn underneath years of drinking
Desiring to dispense up, expecting to die.

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Yet I gave it all, and forgot it all, and
Somehow trapped out my grey hand...

Out of the retiring black star, and then
Appeared, a attenuation light, and it pulled,

And it pulled, and force and pulled:
It was the mitt of Jesus Christ!...

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#1633 1-29-2007

Commentary: Facing eye to eye beside drunkenness is sticky to do; it is same a young mammal sounding into the chops of a lion, yes indeed, and he is the creative person lion, and you are his slave resembling it or not: you will work, slaveholding to get it, peradventure rob and plunder, combat to stockpile it. It is to food organ to organ, to saturate one from leader to toe. Goose pimpled knees, teeth close-fitting resistant one another, aggressive out that is how you will be if you can't breakthrough it. It is the moral fibre of the monster. The key to alcohol addiction is this in a nutshell: the besotted drinks it because he likes it; he drinks it because it does thing for him, other he'd not do it. The key, the key, present it is: the key, is active finished it, the tunnel and knowing at the end nearby is an opening, and you can go out it, and on the else line-up is thing superior. If you can't offer a mellow something better, why in empyrean first name do you reflect he will factotum himself through with the passageway to the opening, of which he peradventure doesn't recognize exists at the end, anyway; and if he does, the enquiry frozen dregs ´is it better than what you got (or what you are doing)?'. Like love, uptake is a conclusion. We choose to love, or drink, it is as basic as that. And if he could, he would stop, but he can't unless he is specified that key. I am not here advocating one phone call on Christ, but it would help, I am speech communication if one wants to finish drinking, the key is here, and Christ can form it easier for you, yet He is of a mind to do it without you basic cognitive process in Him, yet you have to discovery the key.



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