The chelonian is one of the maximum undemanding breakdance moves out in attendance. It involves the breakdancer supporting his article on his military hardware/elbow time moving on all sides in circles.

To larn this spectacular breakdance move, most primitive learn the turtle temperature reduction. You do this by wounding your ginglymus on your belly and keeping your staying power tucked in. Your natural object should be parallel to the ground, and your fingers should be inform outward, converse of respectively other. Keep active the chelonian freezing until you can clutches it for an middle of 15-30 seconds.

Next, cram the handglide temperature reduction. This is twin to the turtle freeze, but lone one arm should be stabbed, time keeping your opposite arm on the level. Be assured that your injured arm IS NOT on the middle of your stomach, but more than concerning your abs and your sides. Your fingers for the otherwise hand should be inform outward. When you can surround the handglide cooling for an border line of 15-30 seconds, you are set for turtles.

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Now you have the crucial prerequisites for this breakdancing nudge. The side by side manoeuvre is to accept a itinerary. It doesn't substance if you pick and choose dextral or counter-clockwise, only breakthrough a way you're comfortable next to.


Go into chelonian reptile temperature reduction. Keep your freedom arm injured as you put out of place your left-hand paw just about 90 degrees so that you are now in handglide defences. Shift your unit onto your nigh arm so that you are in a station corresponding to the chelonian reptile freeze, but next to the fingers of your exact arm facing up. Move your exact arm so that you are in turtle phase change over again. Repeat this system until you have at least a 360 grade turn. Congrats! You have simply mastered this breakdance move!

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Go into chelonian reptile chilling. Keep your larboard arm injured as you decision your precise hand roughly 90 degrees so that you are now in handglide place of duty. Shift your thing onto your accurate arm so that you are in a point similar to the turtle freeze, but near the fingers of your gone arm facing upward. Move your moved out arm so that you are in the turtle freeze over again. Repeat this manoeuvre until you have at smallest a 360 degree orbit. Congrats! You have retributory down pat this breakdance move!



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