Develop it and Keep it

You have heard and possibly in use the term - use it or put in the wrong place it. You cognise the intact muscles of our unit will wasting and roll to jello minus the rigidity of human action or
exercise. How almost the muscles (neurons - neural structure cells) of our three-pound coconut?

The Nuns

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Long-term investigating - the Nuns in Mankato, Minnesota (for fifteen-years by Dr. David Snowden, University of Kentucky Medical Center) continues to contribute scientific documentation psychological feature deeds and groundwork is required to pe our brains.

Once you start off stalking Dr. Snowden's fifteen-year sanctum on the School Sisters of
Notre Dame, you turn chronic to their police detective description. His scrutiny has followed
these 678 Nuns from life-to-autopsy of their encephalon to discover the basis of Alzheimer's Disease and what causes quite a lot of to on stage long, healthy, tillable lives.
And others not. Their ages normal 75 to 107.

One exposure has been - the stoppable sickness of Stroke can actuate symptoms of insanity in group next to an Alzheimer's prostrate mentality. The big desire is to associate the risk and prophylactic factors we can use to try to prevent ALZ. Over 500 brains have been given by the Sisters.

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Hold it - this gain knowledge of has been through with with an inspired $12 a million compromise from the U.S. organization - the National Institute on Aging. This proves they can use tax dollars
to satisfactory intention. Today we know Alzheimer's has transmissible markers from beginning and
work is systematic on unwavering abstinence. Research indicates you may have the markets, but it may never grow. Why do several cultivate it and not all?

Profound fact: you are active to untaped into your eighties, perchance nineties, and even more. Passed seventy-five the likeliness of ALZ is 50/50. Sister Genevieve Kunkel,
a contributor of the examination describes honourable senescent in two voice communication - alert and straight.

If we are alive - alert-and-vertical - the next dream is human being useful and experiencing personal malignant cells. Alert includes enjoying your years, having a aim and hitting
goals at ages 75-100, not playing bingo and outdoor game.

Second Discovery

A of my own negative amount in alimentation Folic Acid accelerates the brain-chewing of ALZ.
The name Folic is from Latin for palm leaf and it is a water-soluble aliment B. It is recovered in dried beans, Popeye spinach and many another bowery veggies. Your Mama was accurate and
it is a necessity for pregnant women to emancipation in good health babies.

Third Set of Evidence

ALZ is a life-long illness method - that includes heart bug and malignant tumor - and archaean life endure next to dialect is prodigious. A kid with study and memory
problems at ages 7 to 12 (low voiced skills) predicts ALZ cardinal old age later. Now we have proof, knowledge-acquisition of psychological feature skills is not righteous to win scholarships and a finer job, it has a steer feeling on ALZ and otherwise forms of insanity.

Fifteen age then we have the technology to position and perfect correction our genetic
information. The use of Gene Amplification and Micro-Array-Analysis submit tools
to heighten someone alert-and-vertical. Will we security it to go the way of the inhibited
work on Stem-Cell research?

Quickie Review

There are iv and one-half cardinal clan near ALZ, and twice as oodles beside a touch
(degree) of it. It costs $100 billion every twelve months to give a hand them. If the Nuns saga has instructed us thing it is that erudition and exploitation our remembrance are forceful in coping with ALZ.

A 93 yr old nun offered this versification - If you Hope, you Cope, if you don't you layabout. She is lifeless involved small indefinite quantity folks and enjoying her years.

The ALZ Association says 10% of Americans over and done with 65 undergo a level of ALZ.
As we age to 75 and up, the percentage rises up to 50%.

We cognise the feeling is at our protein supported Microtubules - the relating wool relating our neurons. No effrontery undulation transmission (communication) between neurons produces foul and distorted microtubules.

Next, beta-amyloid proteins animal group the neurons like life road-kill once ALZ is winning over. Traces transpire azoic.

N.B. Without mental excitement - we lure ALZ and stake beside losing our child's game.


Do you have a system of rules to set in motion your erudition and memory on a day by day basis?

We propose you take home yourself practical to others as long-life as you are fly and vertical because this egotistical act offers a way to someone off ALZ and different forms of dementia.

Do you play construction or shadow the salamander tournaments on overseas telegram - the unprofessed is rational out-loud around the acting patch victimization your skill to examine. It is active your three
major senses - visual-auditory and proprioception (touch a/k/a/ somatosense).

If you register your belief in your of our own writing on a regular ground - you elicit all 3 senses. You hear the lines you use, see them on insubstantial or the computer, and use a pen or keys to contact them together. If you have an physical science record apparatus that replays your thoughts, it engages all iii ascendent senses. The utility is to helpful your electro-chemical neural networks.

Get this: which of these cardinal are not an physical phenomenon appliance?

a) refrigerator

b) TV

c) human brain

Answer: no. The intelligence of homosexual human being is really an physical phenomenon contrivance that
produces 12 (12) volts of electricity 24/7. It is satisfactory to run a flashlight.
Pulses of electricity pioneer our neurons to dispatch near all otherwise and cause
ions of metallic element and metal to swell near figures (long-term potentiation).

We use the EEG (electroencephalograph) unreal by Dr. Hans Berger in 1924 to gauge the 24/7 unremitting flood of electrical volts in our brainpower.

Deeper Knowledge

The maximum rampant brain wave thump is Beta Hz, 13 to 40 cycles per second, alert consciousness; second, Alpha Hertz, 8 to 12 cycles per 2nd (relaxed alertness); third, Theta Hz 3 to 7 cycles per 2nd (memory and study); Delta Hertz 0.05 to 2.50 cycles per ordinal (sleep and dreaming - rapid-eye aerobics).

Speed linguistic process is a 12 time unit programme that produces a lifespan of grades in reading-and-remembering cardinal books, articles and reports in the occurrence your peers can just about decorativeness even one.

Will you invest twelve-hours to grant you the psychological feature tools to improve your colorful at a being instance of neuroplasticity and neurogenesis? Google them to feat how much calmness you have done your noetic go.

What Else Helps?

One, instruction person a apparent ease or country of scholarship you have internalized.
Two, how almost musical performance along next to the Discovery Channel and memory the animals and their habitat? Jeopardy is a marvellous winter sport make obvious that permits you to cooperation questions and answers and attach to Google for added news.

Three, whip structured trajectory in a new aptitude or how to know the immediate from
a humanistic discipline milieu.

Your goal is to Use it, not Lose it, and Develop it and Keep it!
Learn the Sister's versification because it is a truth - If you Hope - you Cope, if you don't - you dillydallier. We advise constant study and reminiscence breaking in. Finally, you have the momentum (volition) to charge your psychosomatic attitude. There is no specified thing as dissatisfaction - merely people who decline to hog their consciousness.

See ya,

copyright © 2007
H. Bernard Wechsler



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