What is your large loathe when it comes to presentations? Slide after visual projection of arid PowerPoints right? Don't tumble in to the said snare yourself - adopt the tailing 10 staircase and you'll be welcomed!


  1. Keep it simple! Don't use a model that becomes the focussing of concentration itself - a pastel colour situation next to different file is superior.
  2. Avoid gradients in the background. It may outward show superior on your computing machine blind - but what happens when it's used on different computer, or a little all-powerful projector? Grainy, cloudy images, that's what
  3. Be standardized on every slide - article in the same volume and in the selfsame position and the selfsame color.
  4. Use flat fonts - and not more than two. "Impressing" all and sundry near a burden of castellated fonts in actuality has the opposite effect!
  5. The a lesser amount of lines the better! YOU are the word-user not the glide. Plenty of art (simple ones humour) and as few libretto as latent.
  6. The slink is NOT your notes! DON'T publication from your slides (see Step 5 preceding).Are you spoken language that the addressees can't publication for themselves? That's the announcement you put over and done with
  7. Make the typeface sizes as whacking as you can minus individual cockamamie. You ne'er cognise what magnitude area you may possibly be in subsequent.
  8. Don't done use wherewithal letters - it slows behind reading.
  9. Don't have too heaps slides. People have come in to comprehend you not countenance at your slides - other you could only messages them and stockpile them hours of time!
  10. Ask yourself "would I close to to sit finished this PowerPoint presentation?" If you wouldn't - don't formulate your audience!
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