I was lately asked how to make out a Yenko Camaro vin tag, and the honorable lawfulness is that it's no polar from any remaining Camaro vin tag, Yenko Chevrolet modifies the Camaros at their dealership, so you see, a Yenko Super Camaro would have a systematic Camaro vin standard specified as 124379N345145, so by the vin you would know that the car was a Chevrolet indicated by the figure "1" and that it was a Camaro indicated by the figure "2" and that it was a two door motorcar indicated by the figure "37" and that it's a 1969 Model indicated by the "9" and that it was reinforced in Norwood California indicated by the "N" and thing after the "N" is the string numeral or sequential figure id you prefer this would report to you that this unusual car was the 345,145 TH car improved in 1969.

All Camaro vin book of numbers are pretty typical suchlike this in an stab to cause them effortless to decode, now to breakthrough out if it's a Yenko Camaro that your superficial at you could look at the RPO code situated on the rider cross of the motor on a machined pad purely in foremost of the head, now purely as a reproving these book of numbers have been far-famed to be re-stamped to say that their thing that their not, so this is where you call for to be diligent and match this number to the bung up copy digit set at the rear of the engine on the operator side, and the bell suburban flange, and this figure cannot be re-stamped, so of the RPO opinion does not friction match this number, I would not buy the car.

I have washed-out a lot of circumstance reading how the vin codes, and the RPO codes, and cast numbers all manual labour unneurotic to report you what the car is, and what it should be, and if you air at these codes, and clear positive that is your looking for a manufactory Camaro, or a exceptional Camaro similar a Yenko Camaro, that you pay cherished absolute renown to what these book are telltale you, you belike will not get ripped off on your purchase, don't ordinal conjecture these numbers as you lighter them up, if they william tell you that it's not a genuine Yenko, after it's not.

The Yenko Camaros had a plant hp valuation of 425 HP, and if those numbers don't convey you that it's a 425 HP 427 CID engine, after it's unexcelled that you counsel in the differing direction of this purchase, engender definite that these numbers enlighten you that it had the precise sending in it, the Yenko Camaros were all sold beside a bunting transmission, and it was a Muncie M-22 pummel crusher, if the numbers on the car don't tell you that this is what's in the car, don't buy it.

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