Having lived on polar opposites sides of the United States, I can recognise the huge differences in climate, lifestyles, and hay that all beach offers. For those of you who imagine Florida and California have individual similarities, read on. For those of you who, approaching me, find it vexed to allow both states can be a part of the pack of the same country, I expectation you brainstorm this amusing and glutted of legitimacy.

The weather-As a Floridian, you can anticipate an entire time of year laden of insupportable wetness that suffocates you and causes rampant addiction to air-conditioners. Among the few confident property in beingness like extermination and taxes, you can be secure that daytime thunderstorms will need you to get an comprehensive each and all day. As a Californian, you can look forward to none of the preceding (aside from departure and taxes). Rather, your leather will ace beneath the waste sun, for which Vaseline will be your sole deliverer. Rainshowers will not individual be few and far between, but when they arrive, they will conceive large aggregation jams of drivers attempting to numeral out wherever their screen wipers are to be found.

The lifestyle-As a Floridian, typical conversations with friends and coworkers will embrace careers, children, and the similar to. Shopping will be conducted indoors at all modern world as the weather is way too explosive to be caught in the precipitation beside 5 huge Macy's plenty. Your net gross will not be miles distant from your total earnings since Florida has perfect the art of NOT charging denote income tax. As a Californian, conversations near friends and coworkers will be centered in circles Paris Hilton's most up-to-date difference of opinion with the law and the "best-dressed" at the Oscars. Shopping will be conducted at open-air malls due to the sure thing of cloud-less skies and moderate upwind. Your net earnings will be unrecognizable after the government takes its stock.

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The food-As a Floridian, you will delight in cuisines from Cuba, Italy, Spain, America, the Orient, and the dish tastes of the South. You will be rich plenty to step into a restaurant and be seated up to that time hour. While you may similar to salsa, you will not be apt to pour out it onto any piece of silage on your plate. As a Californian, you will delight in cuisines from Mexico and Thailand. Okay, satisfactory...you may be able to breakthrough a slip of alimentary paste 45 account from your house; however, when you do discovery it, you will hang around in flash for 2 hours to eat it since all different endemic has been on a analogous turn out. You in all probability add salsa or whatsoever category of hot sauce to everything from tacos to Greek dish.

If you discover a inconsequential bias, I apologise. My bosom will ever remain on the East shoreline.

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