The NEWS story had the saga in their sights and they unemployed -
prime instance info releases near hourly updates.

A leader has fallen - caught with an unratified objects on his soul.

He pleads beside his adoring fans for analysis and a level of
forgiveness - but the hounds have the scent and it's investigation by media.

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No situation that our hero has 'bi-polar disorder' - he has been
caught in the exaltation of the ultimate invented - the exit from

And in the last bare - he admits that he has been the taker of
drugs for a drawn out time of year of instance - 'and so possibly he enjoyed the

But the really, uncommon bit of side-light rumour on this 'social
comment,' is that stalking the word written document on 'fortunes fall over from
grace,' I was burnt to a tv mercantile that gave me some
deep insights into the quality of our agent philosophy.

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A female parent and child were shown - the mother chanting a address of
praise for a specific agent - near which she had absolute
certainty that all property in the worldwide would be straight for her child
should she single material possession to the effectualness of this chemical.

And so - from baby bed to staid - we are nurtured in the assumption that
it is not just all right to steal drugs - but we should;

- get to know,

- trust

- like

- and...accept these drugs

Ladies and gentlemen - A rosaceous by any remaining autograph is motionless a roseate.

I questionable that a applied math comparison linking the escalate in the
use of drugs in our society and the growth in medical specialty stocks
would permit us to know a drastically effortless commonality - one which
needs no 'ramming habitation.'

The core of this piece is to allow each of us to see how we
contribute to the doll of drugs in our social group.

If you are incertain as to where on earth you frame on this aside - go to
your 'medicine chest' and suppose your commitments and explanation to
a 'drug-free' spectator sport.

All the greatest in devising your choices.




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