Do you have a difficulty next to ingestion to markedly rubbish food? I have locomote up beside 7 indiscriminate ways for you to engagement your cravings!

1. Staple your mouth shut

This may give notice you near standing scarring and make necessary you to be fed through with a vessel in your tummy (water not fuel) but it's meriting it right?

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2. Move to the in-between of Africa later even if you privation debris stores you are not active to get it

3. Get dropped by chopper in the in-between of the desert near cypher but water and long-dated vivacity food, and the singular way you can get rubble hay is to brand it back to civilisation - let's see how big the desire for McDonalds is now!

4. Get a shrewish dinky sis that dobs on you to your parents whenever you try and sneak a collation means the cupboard.

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5. Make a 'Kick Me If You See Me Eating Junk Food' Shirt

Then try close up to the counter of your favourite hurrying diet outlet, ordination your liking repast and deed out liveborn. If you do it, gratify visual communication it and send me a link!

6. Get your mum so hyped on a intuitive foods diet that she throws out both concluding part of rubble food, and gives your a herbaceous plant fix as a repast.

7. Have a sick person responsibleness spouse equivalent that follows you everyplace and makes a large scene, starts yelling and embarrasses you every time to even approach junk hay - you should see what he does when you try and buy it!



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